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Bamboo rattan lamp is acted the role of with its natural material is qualitative material, fluent line, the rhythm that braids won the favor of the world afresh.Whether in the home, or in hotels, courtyards, bars, its presence always enhances the taste of the surrounding environment.The natural style of bamboo rattan lamps and lanterns, it is the symbol of recreational life, it means to be close to nature, plain do not break showily however, the comfort that it brings and convenient, make people unrestrained, free and at ease.

The weaving of bamboo and rattan lighting is also diverse. In the past, craftsmen knew many kinds of weaving methods, but due to the change of times, some weaving methods failed to be handed down, but this does not prevent people from moving forward. The traditional ones failed to be handed down, but craftsmen are also constantly innovating to meet people's pursuit of beauty.

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Compared with other modern lighting, bamboo and rattan lighting is characterized by its lightness and ease of cleaning.In addition to their own restore ancient ways temperament, it uses plants as material, the home that lets you can add a green meaning.Let it because of a long time to place and produce dust, then you can take it outside with chicken feather Zen son can be cleaned.Is it convenient and fast!

XINSANXING lighting is a woven chandelier supplier in China,If you want to know more bamboo and rattan woven lighting styles, you can go to our official website XINSANXING Lighting to know or contact us.Our factory is committed to inheritance and carry forward the traditional Chinese manual craft, the use of natural environmental protection renewable resources: materials such as bamboo, wood, cane, mining, hired a group of folk craftsman, r&d and weave a series is suitable for the present social life needs art bamboo rattan lamps and lanterns, products have been widely used in the home stay facility, scenic spots, characteristic catering, culture and ancient town, farm, teahouse, cafe, private high-end leisure clubs, and other fields.If you have custom style, you can contact customer service or dial our contact information, please remember to bring your style drawing and size.

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Post time: Mar-27-2021